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Who am I?

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I am pursuing Product Design because design has become such a huge part of my life. As a teenager, my young cousin suffered from diabetes and I was aware of the fact that there was a lack of medical products that could help. I saw that product design and technology could make a difference. This changed me and I headed to the University of Tehran to study Industrial Design, with my thesis, an insulin pump for children.


I graduated from ArtCenter College of Design with Bachelor of Science in Product design. I earned my first Bachelor degree in the Department of Industrial Design at University of Tehran in 2012.



I have always been a nurturing person with great empathy, always putting myself in other’s shoes. I’m also touched and fascinated by a product’s story and often use color, texture, and materials to support that vision. I am human-centered and playful in my design and believe as designers we have the opportunity and responsibility to bring people closer together.